5 Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

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Planning a wedding is a lot. Add planning a honeymoon into the mix and you’re likely at full capacity in the amount of moving pieces you can manage. But, that’s why I’m here today! To be your guide in the honeymoon planning process and tell you everything you need to know to hopefully help the stress subside!

When to Start Planning

You want to give yourself enough time to plan your honeymoon without having to make last minute decisions and accommodations. Starting to plan your trip 8-12 months in advance will give you a good amount of time to get everything accomplished. If you’re also planning on using a travel agent this allows you enough time to find one and fit into their schedule.

Deciding When and Where to Go

First decide where you want to go, then decided when. You don’t want to go somewhere tropical like Hawaii and plan a bunch of outdoor excursions and activities and then it ends up raining the whole time. Plan your destination and time of year you go accordingly to make the best out of your honeymoon.

Sticking to Your Budget

Now this is where it gets tricky. If you have a set budget that you’re trying to be strict with, it’s important to be flexible with your travel dates and locations. Booking things over time rather than all at once is a great way to help ease the financial burden. Make sure that when you’re planning out your budget to add in a spot for food and experiences.

Invest in a Travel Agent

Most people think that booking their trip through a travel agent will cost them more but in most cases you’ll be saving money by using one. Travel agents have more connections and knowledge to help you get the best deals. They can help with everything from choosing your destination to booking your hotel room.

Combine Relaxation and Adventure

After months and months of planning your wedding and honeymoon, you’ll want a nice relaxing break. But it’s also your honeymoon so going on adventures with you new husband\wife will make the best memories. Take a day to relax on the beach and then go zip-lining in a forest the next day! 

I hope this list of tips helps ease some of your honeymoon planning stress. Click here to read about my top 5 tips for planning your wedding. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer to capture your big day click here, I’d love to connect!


“I met Venessa shortly after we moved to Texas. We both had brought our youngest kiddos to a kids indoor play area. When it came time for family pictures this year the person we usually use was not available so I reached out to her. She is sooo sweet and really amazing with my two kiddos. She made the experience fun and simple.”

– Jasper Wallace

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