Dallas Engagement Session | Madalyn + Raymond


If you’re looking for a reason to have your Dallas engagement session in an urban setting like Madalyn and Tyler, let this post be your reason! I will forever be in love with the vibe that having a downtown session brings to the photos. These two got all dressed up which made for a beautiful, timeless, and classy look. I mean, when looking at these photos I can almost hear jazz music playing.

There are endless options that come with having a downtown engagement session. You can dress up as they did for a classic look or dress grungy for a cool edgy style. Downtown engagement sessions are also a little less popular (the reason why: beats me!) making it more unique of a look! And, with a downtown setting, it makes for plenty of different backdrops for photos. We can only do so much to add variation when shooting in an open field, but downtown, the possibilities are endless. Get some photos by different buildings, in alleyways, on the street, crosswalks, art pieces, etc. There are always countless cool spots for photos.

While they aren’t for everyone, urban sessions, especially Dallas engagement sessions, make for some cool photos. So, scroll on down and see what all the hype is about.

*queue the jazz music*

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