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Wedding guest books are a common detail that couples have out during cocktail hour or their reception. They give the guests an opportunity to leave notes, and it’s a great way to remember your day and all your friends and family that celebrated with you. Now, just because guest books are customary and traditional, does not mean you need to have a normal book to sign at your wedding. The options are endless when it comes to guest book alternatives! To help inspire you, I’ve put together a list of 5 guest book alternatives that your guests will love!

Map or Globe

If you’re a couple that loves traveling this is such a fun idea for you! Have a map or a globe that your guests can sign! You can keep it in your house as decor and every time you see it be reminded of your special day. You could even have your guests sign near the places they live, this is cool if you have family and friends traveling to your wedding.


Maybe you and your partner are homebodies and you enjoy spending the night in working on puzzles. Well, here’s the perfect alternative for you! Set out blank puzzle pieces that your guests can leave notes on. Later on, you and your partner can have fun putting it together while reading all the notes that were left.


Instead of just having your guests sign something, have them take pictures of themselves! Set out a Polaroid camera, a pen, and a scrapbook with tape. Guests can take turns taking photos of themselves, signing the photo, and then adding it to your scrapbook!

Paint by Number

This is a fun idea to have out during cocktail hour and the reception. There are companies that offer huge paint-by numbers. The painting can be anything you want it to be! Your guests can go up to the painting and paint one of the spots! Make sure to have plenty of paint, brushes, and smocks so they don’t mess up their wedding attire!

Phone Audio Guest Book

This idea is my personal favorite! By renting a phone with a company like After the Tone, guests can leave voicemails that you get a recording of. This allows your guests to add more personality to their messages and it’s more meaningful. Plus after the wedding is over, you will receive a copy of all the voicemails the guests left so you can listen to them over and over again.

I hope these guest book alternatives inspired you! For more wedding planning ideas, click here! To chat about having me capture your big day, click here!


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