Why You Should Consider a Day After Session

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First things first, what even is a day after session?

A day after session is when you and your partner regroup with your photographer after your wedding day to take your portrait images either back at your venue or in a more adventurous location. There are endless advantages to doing this which is exactly what we are going to be talking about today!

Scroll on down to learn more and hear about why exactly you should consider having a day after session.

01. TIME

The biggest reason most couples have a day after session is primarily because of time. Weddings are usually in a crunch so there might not be enough time for your bride and groom photos. Time is so precious on wedding days so it’s best if it’s used wisely. Having a day-after session allows you to have plenty of it with your partner and no distractions of wedding festivities while having your photos taken.


While you do receive a ton of wedding day photos, your bride and groom photos are some of the most important ones. Having them taken the day after will ensure you and your partner have all the photos you could’ve ever dreamed of. You can never go wrong with some more couples photos!


Knowing you have a day after session planned helps free up your schedule a little bit and take off some of the pressure from being on time with every detail during your day. Since wedding timelines tend to be so tight- it helps to give you some wiggle room!


The weather is very unpredictable and having a backup plan is always important. If it’s going to rain on your wedding day, having your photos taken the next day will at least give you a better chance of good weather. No one wants to be drenched from the rain on their wedding day so let’s avoid that at all costs!


Not everyone gets married at a breathtaking venue or location, maybe your having a smaller wedding and would rather have your photos taken elsewhere. You can do that by having a day-after session with your partner. You can pick any dream location and have your bridal photos taken there! This is one of the biggest advantages of having a day after session.

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“Wow! We were blown away by the photos we received. Vanessa did an amazing job and made the experience so much fun. She makes you feel completely comfortable and confident. Trusting Vanessa with our bridal pictures was the best decision.”

-Raven Hanson

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