Why You Should Consider Eloping

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If you’ve been married before or are currently getting ready to, chances are, eloping has crossed your mind. And with so many pros and cons to both having a traditional wedding and an intimate elopement, it can be hard to decide which is the best fit for you. A lot of it will depend on your personality, family size, budget, and overall vision for your day! For some, eloping isn’t even an option as they’ve always dreamed of a big party to celebrate their love. And for others, the thought of a big wedding overwhelms them and eloping feels like the better fit.

So, let’s weigh the pros of eloping, shall we? Here are all of the reasons why you should consider eloping.


Let’s start with the biggest perk: the level of intimacy. With eloping, you have way less people in attendance which makes the day more focused on you and your soon to be spouse! It can tend to make the day feel way different when you eliminate the aspect of having a large group of people being there.


If you are a travel lover or want to start exploring the world, what better way than to start on your wedding day. You and your partner can pick out that dream destination you’ve always wanted to go to and get married! It sounds like a fairytale but it could be your reality!


With all of the hustle and bustle that comes with weddings, it can get overwhelming and hectic really fast. Before you know it, you go from excited and motivated to strung out and pulling out hair! While not every wedding planning process feels this way, it is common. One amazing thing about eloping is how much easier it is. It costs less, they’re less moving parts and the focus remains on what truly matters!


No drama here!! We all know weddings can be full of a ton of drama. This can be from your family or even friends that want to take over your wedding day. But, guess what? Your wedding day is about you and your partner ONLY! No one else. Eloping allows for a drama-free environment.


If you are someone who likes to stray from tradition and take the path less traveled- here is yet another perk. Elopements are always unique in their own way and you can do whatever you want. If you want to run away with your partner to Italy and get married, you can!

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