2022 wedding trends by Vanessa Martins Photography

2022 Wedding Trends

Wedding TIp

Did you know that we are in the biggest wedding boom since 1989? Insane right?! But the funny thing is, all the wedding trends are from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. It’s like we are going back in time! And certainly do not mind because I love it.

We’ll be seeing more trends between lighter colors, vintage, and boho styles, as well as destination weddings! Out of all the previous year’s wedding trends, 2022 has got to be ranking at the top of my list.

So, let’s get started and get you prepared for your big day!

Scroll down below to stay on-trend.


Silver baby! Gold is out and silver is in. I absolutely love gold but silver seems a little more elegant! Silver is being used for cake decor, flower vases, wedding invitations, and silver wear. If you are a silver lover, it’s your time to shine!


Yes! You heard it here, neutral colors are taking over. Colors like tans, browns, whites, and beiges are the colors of 2022. Black and white is also still trending and will more than likely continue because of how classy it looks! I personally, am a neutral-colored kind of gal so this is my fav!


UGH, I know I keep saying every single one of these is my favorite but this one has got to be taking the lead. The puffy wedding gowns are so stunning on everyone and super flattering as well. They can be short with puffy sleeves and a huge puffy skirt or long! Either way, it is gorgeous. I would highly recommend checking out Pinterest for some ideas!


If you or your partner is adventurous then this 2022 wedding trend is for you! Destination weddings are fun and the new thing to do rather than staying in your home town to get married. Destination weddings are awesome because it makes a little vaca for you and your family while celebrating your wedding.


Take us back to the roarings 20s! Pearls are coming back and I am so excited about it. Pearls just add a different kind of elegance to everything. Brides have been wearing pearl jewelry, putting pearls on their veils, and even on their wedding gowns.

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Vanessa did our Engagement and Wedding Photos and I can’t say enough great things about our experience working with her! She was extremely flexible with us and her packaging as we changed things around because of the pandemic. The day of my entire bridal party loved how gentle, fun and positive she was and the photos she delivered were amazing. It was over 100 degrees on our wedding day and she never complained or looked annoyed with the time we spent outside. She took note on the special moments that were important to me and brought those to life. We love Vanessa and I would encourage anyone to invest in her packages – best money spent!

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