Pennybacker Bridge Engagement


Who would have though that fog would make such an amazing background for photos? This entire session had me like woah! My little family and I drove down to Austin from Dallas to meet up with Blanca’s and Jaihr’s engagement session. They were living in Chicago and were set on getting married in Austin where most of their family resided. After talking to Blanca about a location that best fits their personality, we felt like Pennybacker Bridge and Sekrit theater for their engagement photos was the perfect spot.

As I started heading to the bridge I noticed a thick blanket of fog over the bridge which got me super excited! It was a short hike to the top of the cliff, and once I arrived at the top of the cliff I was amazed at how breathtaking it was. The sun rising and peeking through the foggy skies was a sight I surely will never forget.

Blanca and Jaihr were slightly nervous that the fog would completely hide the bridge as that was something they desired for their session. I reassured them the fog would soon lift and sure enough, it did! The cool morning felt like pure magic! Soon after the fog lifted, we headed to Sekrit theater about 20 mins away from Pennybacker Bridge for another magical and slightly chilly session.

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