Intimate Wedding in San Angelo, TX


Anthony and Mercedes chose to do an intimate wedding at a family friend’s lake house in San Angelo, Texas. They originally had plans to have their wedding in a town near Austin but due to COVID-19 they felt that an intimate wedding was the best thing for them. I drove 4 hours from Dallas to San Angelo. The ride was peaceful, with small country towns, lots of beautiful farmland, and surprisingly a few hills every now and then (I didn’t think Texas had such beautiful hills). I wasn’t sure to what expect when I arrived in San Angelo, but as I pulled up I found a quaint cabin house overlooking a lovely lake.

Earlier that week I looked at the forecast and it showed it would rain but knowing Texas, the weather is never truly reliable (lol). Luckily, we had the best lighting with the overcast skies during the ceremony. Once we moved on to portraits the wind started picking up and the dark clouds rolled in. We quickly moved indoors to the lake house to celebrate the rest of the evening.

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